Select Investigations, a licensed Private Investigator based in North Carolina, has been in the business of solving problems for our clients since 1995. Our clients include businesses, institutions, and individuals. Our operations continuously evolve to meet the needs of our clients and to incorporate advances in available technology. In every sense, our clients define our business.
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Businesses & Institutions
Many businesses, and small businesses in particular, often do not have the internal resources to effectively prevent or to solve problems related to violence, theft, fraud, embezzlement, and interference with...
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Intellectual Property Investigation & Protection
Select Investigations serves clients who require management, oversight, and protection of intellectual property (IP) in a global market. Our partners include seasoned intellectual property investigators who...
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Domestic problems can be insidious and often are ignored until it is too late. Issues of infidelity, alcohol or drug abuse, gambling, abusive, “out-of-control”, or missing family members can destroy families;...
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Forensic Nursing
The term “Forensic Nurse” is a relatively new term used to describe medical professionals trained in techniques of evidence gathering, chain of custody, and evaluating medical charts, autopsy reports, and...
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Background & Locate Investigations
Select routinely locates witnesses, heirs, and other persons of interest in legal proceedings for attorneys and government agencies. Select performs background investigations of key employees...
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Computer Forensics
Select Investigations uses computer forensics as an investigative tool in many of our cases. Almost every business and home has at least one computer used on a regular basis to communicate by e-mail, create and store data, create written...
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